Teen Dog by Jake Lawrence (2011)

Rating: 3.5 Stars23257773
Teen Dog is your light high school drama book full of
hilarity and ‘cool characters’. Teen Dog gets detention, rides a skateboard, loves pizza, rocking out, and hanging with his friends. Its funny, its light, and it will keep you lightly entertained.

Although the main character is pretty simplistic in his depth, he’s adored by all, (except Thug Pug) and through his eyes, we see a nice breakdown of high school stereotypes. The quarterback of the football team is a girl and one of his close friends, the ‘evil gang’ in the story is actually the chess club, his awesome best friend has pink hair and we find out pretty close to the end of the story a few things about Teen Dog that we wouldn’t expect.

Jake Lawrence appears to be a newer author, and so I’ve not heard of him until picking this up. I love the colourful graphics. I think the drawings are delightfully eye catching, super chromatic, simplistic and just plain fun.

I’d have liked a stronger over arching storyline to carry the story through, and get me ready for the next issue, but hopefully there will be a little more of that, and a little more conflict in the next piece.

Recommendation: Anyone who likes a fun and silly high school adventure story, that looks to breakdown some stereotypes. Although the main character is in high school, there is no questionable material in this book. Totally safe for even your 10 year olds.

Themes: high school, inclusion, feminism, LGBT, friendship


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