Human Body Theatre By Maris Wicks (2015)

Rating: 4 Stars23310686

A non-fiction graphic novel? Yes. This is real. And it is in fact, a thing. A glorious, adorable, and delightfully factual thing. I picked this book up for the library, thinking it would be a fun addition, and a great resource for the Ontario grade 8 science curriculum. Its fun, its adorable, and I absolutely adore my little skeleton escort through all the different systems of the body.

It is as comprehensive as a middle school textbook (in some places, arguably more so), and considering it just came out, its up to date. The descriptions are clear, and the format is so ‘user friendly’ even your lower end readers will get more out of this, than a textbook. It brings me back to the days of Ms. Frizzle and her magic school bus, only with a little more diverse readership.

I’d like to say that its idiot proof, but even my more mature grade 8s immediately flipped to the reproductive system. There is nothing untoward or inappropriate within the book, and everything is done with the same cartoon appearance, so this is a very safe text. The delightful puns add humour and amusement to the subject matter.

It is a little dense, so if you’re going to give it to younger readers, stick to one system at a time and come back to the book.

I’d recommend it to just about anyone, particularly someone looking for a background on the human body for middle grade readers.


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