The Nameless City by Faith Erin Hicks (2016)

Rating: 4.3 stars25332000

This graphic is about a city that has changed hands so many times, everyone has a different name for it, and thus it became known as the nameless city. Rich with background, you are immersed in Kaidu’s world – a boy who comes to the Nameless City to train as a soldier where his father resides. Kaidu finds much more than what he bargained for or expected.

I was blown away by how much I adored this story. It felt fresh and interesting without being too complicated. Hicks created a world, a city in a short period of time, but provided enough detail that I felt I could easily understand the politics and challenges involved within the city itself.

It was well written, and well presented. The graphics are highly attractive, and I love the contrasts between the different areas of the city that you could see within the novel. Kaidu is an interesting character, but I look forward to getting deeper into who he is and the intricacies of his character in the next volume.

Faith Hicks is an author I didn’t know I read before, but I’ve seen her work in a few of the graphics I’ve picked up. I’m looking to dig up more of her books after having read this one. She’s an author very much worth examining more closely.

I’d recommend it to anyone who likes adventure stories with meaning and a bit more depth. There’s nothing violent or untoward in this novel, so its quite safe for all ages.

Themes: adventure, oppression, poverty, standing up for what you believe in, believing in yourself, dismantling stereotypes


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