Friends with Boys by Faith Erin Hicks (2012)

Rating: 4.3 Stars11389398.jpg

Maggie’s been homeschooled for years and is now has no choice but to enter high school since her mom is now gone. Even with her three brothers watching out for her, she realizes she’s going to have to make some new friends. She finds commonalities in Alistair and Lucy, but she still can’t seem to face the fact that she is being haunted.

Another brilliant piece by Faith Hicks. I found it adorable, honest, and clear to the point. Its hard to say which I enjoyed more – this or the Nameless City. In both cases, the stories are told so beautifully.

Maggie was such an easy character to connect to. Her emotions are beautifully portrayed, and you really connect with her struggle and her family. Her friendships with the ‘weird kids’ were nice to see blossom, as well as the depths of their own stories. Her relationships with her brothers were well played out, but a little more world building on why the mother left would have aided in clarity.

Recommendation: All ages. There’s nothing untoward or inappropriate within the book. Its very honest, realistic, and in the best way possible – simplistic. Its very much a book I’d be happy putting in my library, as despite the fact that my students aren’t home schooled, they certainly feel the things that Maggie feels.

Themes: friendship, family, resilience, new school


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3 Responses to Friends with Boys by Faith Erin Hicks (2012)

  1. Nancy says:

    I loved this book! Even better, FEH is paring up with Rainbow Rowell to do a graphic novel together!

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