I Woke Up Dead at the Mall by Judy Sheehan (2016)

Rating: 3.4 stars22005713.jpg

The title pretty much gives you the premise of the book. Sarah finds herself dead, wearing a mango chiffon bridesmaids dress in the Mall of America. She learns that she’s been murdered, that her father is in danger, and that she is able to haunt the living, but all this comes with a a cost.

It caught my attention in the book store, and this kind of novel I’m always curious to see. I adore dark humour, so this book started out real strong. I loved the attitude Sarah brought to the piece, I was sold by the premise, I really got into it, and I was like ”yeah, I can really get behind this.” But as the story moved forward, it really didn’t take the direction I expected. It turned into more of an ode to living in limbo with strange rules that I never seemed sold on.

As I mentioned, I loved the tone at the beginning of the book, but it didn’t really carry throughout. It kind of sagged after a while. The voice of the character weakened, and didn’t feel as edgy or gritty or have that same cynical sarcastic flare it had at the beginning of the story.

Recommendation: If you’re into the death genre, you might find this a win, but overall, its not one that I’m selling to my kids, nor do I have any desire to put this in my library.

Themes: death, family, loss, friendship, limbo


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