The Adventures of Superhero Girl by Faith Erin Hicks (2013)

Rating: 3.8 Stars16231347.jpg

A delightful graphic novel by Faith Hicks about a young superheroine trying to find her way in the world battling monsters and other supernatural beings. I’ve now become quite a fan of Hicks after having read a few of her pieces. This one was delightful with its light tone taking you on a tour of Superhero Girl’s misadventures of trying to be a superhero.

I did love the main character. She’s young, cute, and watching her charmingly break stereotypes was just a lot of fun. The graphics were beautiful, and I loved the colour. I liked how “normal” she looked despite her superhero status.

I’d have liked a little more world building within the piece. At times I felt that you really had to go with the flow on the believability. I didn’t wholly mind, but a few more filled gaps would have made it a clearer overall picture. There were a few places where it felt that there were big gaps in the story, jumping from one idea to the next. A little more fluidity might have allowed for ease of reading.

Recommendation: Despite the fact that it’s a more adult-like main character, there’s nothing subject matter wise that makes me think that this can’t be read by all age groups. As for interest – it might be suitable for an older audience only due to the experiences that the character faces. A fun read I’d pass onto anyone looking for a different kind of superheroine graphic novel.

Themes: believing in yourself, overcoming adversity, friendship, resilience


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