Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton (2016)

Rating: 4 stars24934065.jpg

Amani is stuck in a dead one desert town appearing to be destined to marry her loathsome uncle just to keep a roof over her head. All that changes when a mysterious stranger walks into her life and ends up becoming her escape route out of the town.

I loved this book. It was something totally different than anything I’d read in a good long while. Throwing in some adventure, a brilliantly strong female character, with a bit of a different storyline and setting, and I’m pretty sold. There was also a bit of familiarity to the piece as it reminded me a little of Moira Young’s Dustlands, which certainly encouraged me to keep reading. I was certainly intrigued to keep reading.

I really loved the world building. I found it believable, and the magical elements were well placed within the story. I totally could get behind the main character. She was well put together, someone with a captivating perspective, and held her own against the characters she encountered. My favourite types of characters. I adored how she developed throughout the book.

I’d heard some buzz that there were some found the story boring, and in the early stages of the book I had fears that it would bore me, but I was not disappointed in this piece.

Recommendations: Although this is an older book, its more due to depth and complexity than due to anything inappropriate (no violence or sex). Its a cool adventure story that is just unlike what else is out there, and so if you’re looking for something new, this is a good pick.

Themes: adventure, loss, family, believing in yourself,


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