Wonder Woman Vol 1: Blood by Brian Azzarello (2012)

Rating: 4 stars15798377.jpg

Diana, a warrior princess, daughter to the queen of the Amazons. Throughout this graphic novel, we follow Diana as she gets caught up in the politics of the gods of Olympus, not realizing the valuable role she actually plays in it all.

I was motivated to read this after having read the “DC comics Study Hall” graphic novel, when I realized how little I knew about Wonder Woman. I thought to myself.. “I love strong female characters – how do I not know anything about the iconic Wonder Woman?”

The storyline was great, I fell in love with Diana almost immediately, and I utterly love this character. This graphic novel fully did what it was supposed to do – hook me into Diana’s story, and make me want more. I’ve already put my hold on the next issue.

The graphics are brilliantly executed, but as with my difficulty with many comic books, the over sexualisation of women is a bit of a distraction, and I only wish that men were treated in a similar fashion within the piece if it is going to occur at all.

Recommendations: There’s definitely some gory and mature content in this. I wouldn’t say that this is 18+, but definitely 13+ for suggested nudity and violence. Having always been a Marvel comic fan myself, I didn’t expect to enjoy digging into the DC world like I have. I was quite happily surprised.


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