Saving Montgomery Sole by Mariko Tamaki (2016)

Rating: 3.4 Stars.24921960.jpg

Montgomery Sole finds herself going to a high school where she doesn’t fit the mould. She’s got two moms, she’s one of the three members of Jefferson High’s Mystery club (which explores the unexplainable. To make matters worse, a new reverend comes to town, hell bent on “saving the American family”. To make things even more interesting, she’s acquired an amulet – the Eye of Know.

I love Mariko Tamaki. Her novel “You set me on Fire” was an absolute gem. I’ve also really enjoyed the graphics she’s been involved with. So I was quite excited about this book in particular. I’d saved it up for a special occasion, but it really didn’t hold. The wry humour that I loved so much in her other novel, really wasn’t present here. The characters were okay, but towards the end, the resolution felt rushed. For a long while I had a difficult time seeing where the story was going.

The plot around the Eye of Know was really quite cool, I just wish it had been more clearly developed. It was nice to see a book written with the perspective of a teen with two moms and the impact on her.

Recommendations: I would say that there is content in here that makes me think 13+, but barely. Some swearing, and allusions, but its limited. If you’re a fan of Mariko Tamaki, I’d say its probably worth reading, but without the gay moms story line, it wouldn’t have resonated with me at all.


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