The War at Ellsmere by Faith Erin Hicks (2008)

Rating: 3.74065472.jpg

Here I continue my Faith Erin Hicks readings with The War at Ellsmere. Juniper is a new scholarship student at the prestigiously expensive Ellsmere Academy. This instantly gets her labeled as the schools latest “project” and becomes a target. Juniper joins forces with Cass – her roommate, to try and make the best of situations while trying to guard herself against bullying attacks.

I quite enjoyed this graphic. Although the story itself doesn’t feel like anything new, Juniper’s quirky attitude and desire to not let the bully get her way, is quite inspiring. She becomes a character you wish you could befriend, and be. She’s got depth, her own anxieties and challenges at home, and a fairly well rounded individual.

Despite the fact that it was enjoyable, it doesn’t shine as something spectacular. Without record, I might forget I’d even read it. I did come away with a really nice view of the friendship between Cass and Jun.

Recommendations: Its a quick read, totally safe for all ages. If you have a non-reader, its a nice storyline and the graphic format is welcoming.


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