Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum (2016)

Rating: 4 Stars.25893582.jpg

Jessie is just starting her junior year in a brand new school in a brand new city. Her father recently remarried a Hollywood hotshot, so with the move comes a new family, and a gigantic mansion, and a ritzy school, none of which feels like home. Enter “SN” or “Somebody/Nobody” as they call themselves, a mysterious peer who sends Jessie messages on how to navigate the challenging waters in L.A. As Jessie begins to rely on SN more and more, she desperately wants to learn who it is. But should she?

I was really intrigued with the concept, but fearful of its execution. I find books like this can either really work, or end up badly done or cheesy. This one in a lot of ways worked.

Firstly, I felt like Jessie’s struggles were real. She’s a character you can get behind, both in her shining moments and more difficult challenges.

Secondly, the mystery element of trying to figure out who SN is was quite intriguing and fun. Despite the fact that I’d felt like I’d figured it out about halfway through the book, I couldn’t stop reading it, because I just so wanted to be sure I was right.

I really enjoyed the “three things” hook and how it played its way throughout the story.

It did feel like a little too “rich white girl” problem at times, but I didn’t think it was something I couldn’t look past.

Recommendations: There are references to sex, although nothing overt and outright. It’s a solid realistic fiction.


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