Don’t Get Caught by Kurt Dinan (2016)

Rating: 4 Stars.24157427.jpg

Max gets an odd invite from the Chaos Club, he can’t refuse. Caught at the wrong place, at the wrong time, he finds himself set up by the club with four other misfits, each with their own baggage. The group of five decide to take on the Chaos Club in a prank war for revenge, each trying to out do the other for the greatest prank.

This book was silly, and light and fun. I love a good teen heist book. I enjoyed following Max through each of the capers, and seeing how he reacted to them. It felt authentic, and there were so many twists and turns, it did not feel predictable at all.

Max teaches us all about the different rules he has for the best heists that he’s taken from his own research, and guides us through his year long spiritual prank journey.

Recommendations: Need a good fly through, fun, realistic fiction-prank book? This is perfect. There were definitely some things about it, some minor references to mature subject matter, that would make it a 12+ kind of book.


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