Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton (2011)


Rating: 4 stars.

This book is a series of black and white short comics that take you through history and literature. It is a follow up to the first book “Never learn anything from history”.

I saw this in the window of a book store and knew I had to get my hands on it. Many parts of it gave me a great outward chuckle, which is not easy to do. I particuarlly enjoyed the Canadian content. A nice refreshing pace to see someone poke fun at some of our Canadian heros, and stereotypes in a meaningful way. I’d certainly recommend reading it in smaller chunks, as it makes for a more enjoyable read.

Recommendations: This book has a few areas with quite a bit of swearing in it (but no nudity), so it is not a book I would necessarily keep in a middle school library, but certainly a high school one. That being said, there are several comics I wish I could share with my own class. Your literary and historical nerds will love sections of it, but some may get lost on a few of the lesser known references.


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