Drag Teen by Jeffery Self (2016)

Rating: 3.526625420.jpg

“This isn’t one of those stories about a heartwarming journey toward accepting my cursed homosexual identity. No. First of all, being gay is far from a curse. Its more like an extra order of fries at Wendy’s because the lady in the window isn’t paying attention while she fills your bag. It’s awesome.”

The opening line of the book had me hooked immediately. JT and his friends head out on a road trip in search of his last hope – to get out of Clearwater Florida – a Drag Teen scholarship competition.

I loved the concept, of the book and the realistic characters. I felt like I could know each of these kids in real life. JT’s insecurities about himself were very real.

My difficulty with the book is that the opening voice just didn’t seem to stick throughout the story. There were snippets here and there, but it just wasn’t as spot on. The conflict within the story felt really predictable, with a very predictable ending. A little too much like any pageant book with a bit of drag queen fun thrown in.

Recommendations: It’s light, its quick, but its not appropriate for all readers. It does touch on mature subject matter.


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