Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan (2009)

Rating: 4 Stars.3432478.jpg

Mary lives in a world where the Sisterhood maintains a religious control over a walled society. On the outside, the Unconsecrated live, ready to consume the flesh of the living. Mary learns more about the Sisterhood and begins to question the rules the society is governed on. And once the walls are breached, she has some difficult decisions to make.

I remember getting this recommendation off of a YA sci fi list (can’t for the life of me figure out where it came from), and thinking that it looked different than other things that I’d read.

I really enjoyed this book, but as I started I wasn’t sure that I would. The writing style is different, and certainly one that you need to get used to. There are more descriptions than dialogue, and that can get a little dry at times. I did like Mary, and I enjoyed her path to discovering interesting aspects of the society. I found the relationships between characters a little difficult to understand. Their intentions became difficult to predict, which isn’t always a good thing. Her obsession with Travis was a bit weird from time to time.

I did find the book to be quite engaging, as I was very curious about how the story would resolve for Mary.

Recommendations: So, this is one of those books that I can’t say is a sure fire that many will love. The writing style is a bit different (less dialogue, more inside the main character’s head), and it just felt different. So I’m hesitant to give it the big push, but there are definitely readers I have in mind for this one. A preference for zombies, mystery, and the patience for a bit of a slower plot line are needed. I will definitely be checking out the next one.


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