The Fall of Butterflies by Andrea Portes (2016)

Rating: 3.8.26116452.jpg

Willa is a highly unpopular student in Iowa and decides to head to a fancy boarding school out east with her mother’s insistence. Willa has already decided that she intends to commit suicide at the end of the year and has no intention of making any friendships, until she meets Remy and her life really changes in ways she doesn’t expect.

Any time this author’s name pops up, I’m instantly curious what she creates after having read Anatomy of a Misfit (which, outside of one really inappropriate line, is a brilliant book). And although I did enjoy it, I didn’t like it as much.

I admire this author’s wit and charm. She has a way with words that are refreshing and quite funny. Willa was a character I loved to read, because her thought process left me smiling as she went through the motions in dealing with her difficulties with Remy.
My only difficult with this book is the believability I had of this powerful attraction everyone had to Willa, she just seemed too bland. I found her to be entertaining, since I could go inside of her head, but through the interactions of different characters that she encountered, I did not understand what Milo and Remy saw. This attraction didn’t seem clear or convincing.

Recommendations: This is definitely 13+. The drug use alone puts me off putting it in my middle school library. Although it does translate to a cautionary tale, it really does require a more mature reader who can filter through the nuances to avoid getting caught up in the glorification of drug use.


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