South of Sunshine by Dana Elmendorf (2016)

Rating: 3.5 Stars.24346235.jpg

Kaycee lives in Sunshine Tennessee, a Baptist anti-gay strong hold. She tries to pass off as a typical straight girl, cycling through quick relationships but never feeling much other than revulsion until Bren comes to town. Bren quickly catches Kaycee’s heart and sends her world spinning in all different directions.

It filled me with feelings. Kaycee was a mediochre character, but I found she’s the kind of character you can place yourself into easily. It makes it so easy to fall for Bren. The way that she was described in the novel was utterly brilliant. The kind of descriptions that make you fall for fictional characters. I also loved Vander, he was the guy you wish you could just hang out with on Saturday afternoons.

Although I liked the book, I wouldn’t say that it was brilliant. There were a few places where I was left with questions and uncertainties about inconsistencies. I found the relationship with Sarabeth to be one of these inconsistencies. I really didn’t understand how she could flip flop all over the place and her changing views. I didn’t find her a character that I could trust from the get go, so her whole story line was troubling for me.

The whole first half of the novel was ripe with tummy flipping feelings, but it fell a little flat at the end. I’d really have liked a more emotional conclusion to the piece.

Recommendation: I would call this a 13+. There’s a bit of foul language, and definitely edging on mature sexual content – nothing overt, but enough that I wouldn’t want my grade 6s reading it. If you’re looking for a light feel good teen lesbian romance, I definitely enjoyed it. It was a lightening fast read for me.


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