Bleeding Earth by Kaitlin Ward (2016)

Rating: 3.5 Stars25831596.jpg

Lea finds herself in a cemetery when the earth begins to bleed. Blood seeps out of the ground, making international news and as much as Lea tries to ignore the situation and focus on her new girlfriend Aracely, she finds it impossible to ignore the situation getting worse. Hair and bones find their way to the earth’s surface, and when the water supplies dwindle, lives are in jeopardy.

I picked this book up because I found the premise fascinating and I was interested in the LGBT storyline. What I got was something far darker than I had initially anticipated. Ward’s descriptions are chilling. Don’t eat while you read this (I made this mistake). It definitely builds suspense, and I felt quite physically impacted by the book. Its a different kind of book hangover.

There were a few inconsistences and questions left unanswered, but my biggest difficulty was the lack of explanation on how and why this had all happened to begin with. It was left to be a mystery and that wasn’t enough for me. I wished desperately to have some understanding, and it really fractured my appreciation for the piece. It was also a little bit slow in the first third of the book. I’d have liked things to move a little quicker, and considering the gravity of the book, get rid of some of the teen drama as it didn’t seem to fit.

Recommendation: This is definitely a 13+ book. If you are creeped out by the horror genre, stay away, this isn’t for you. It gets real dark later in the book and I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up with nightmares from it. If the premise interests you, and you can suspend your “why” curiosity, give it a go.


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