What Happens Now by Jennifer Castle (2016)

Rating: 3.5 Stars.26795312.jpg

Ari is in the aftermath of an incident that sent her into recovery from depression. She’s not as close to her best friend as she used to be, and her relationship with her mother is under constant strain. Things finally look up when Camden Armstrong steps into her life, and joins her summer world. She spends a summer longing for him from afar, but a year later, things are changing. She enters into his world, his friends, and learns there’s a lot more to him than she had thought.

I absolutely flew through this book. I was looking for a nice realistic fiction summer romance and came upon this piece. I found the premise interesting, and the characters to be quite realistic. I enjoyed this idea of “distant crushing” and how it creates a different version from the truth, but not necessarily a bad one. The book was ripe with conflict keeping me engaged until the very end.

I’m not big on cosplay or fan obsessed things like the characters in the book were, so I didn’t wholly connect with it on that level, but that didn’t ruin it for me.

My biggest difficulty with this book was the ending. This the reason why I can’t give this book a 4. It was so rushed and the issues just felt unresolved. Another 10 pages of clarification and I’d have been far more satisfied. It left me really disappointed.

Recommendation: If you want a light beach read, little bit of teen drama to suck you in, this will do it. 13+ for some minor sexual references.


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