Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies by Lindsay Ribar (2016)

Rating: 3.8 Stars23716100.jpg

Aspen Quick has the ability to reach inside of people and steal pieces of them – emotions, memories, physical ailments. This is unique to his family, as they can all do this. However, Aspen spends a summer with his Grandma and his Aunt and begins to learn that this tradition has more sinister consequences than he realizes.

This concept was something different. When I read the synopsis of the story, the book did not meet the expectations I had laid out for it, but this wasn’t a bad thing, just different. I enjoyed this creation of a world where someone has the ability to take memories, feelings parts of you, and what the consequences for these actions might actually be. It was a bit difficult at first to understand how the magic worked, and why it did, but I could eventually find the believability within it.

I think the cast of characters selected to tell the story was interesting. It provided great contrasts within the story, and created solid believable conflicts throughout the piece, driving the story forward.

It is unfortunately, yet another book I fail to give four stars to, largely because of the rushed ending. I so wish that there could have been a little bit more closure as it felt like there were a lot of loose ends just left open.

Recommendation: I’d put it in the 12+ category. There’s a swearword or two in there, but by and large, the language is safe, and the content is pretty clean. Its an interesting moral dilemma that it illustrates. What is safe to take from someone? When is this not okay?


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