Modern Lovers by Emma Straub (2016)

Rating: 4 stars.27209486.jpg

University friends and old bandmates (Elizabeth, Andrew, Zoe) have grown older together, are married with kids, have real jobs and real problems to face. They’ve come along way since their dream days, but secrets begin to expose themselves from their past.

What I really enjoy about this author is how well she puts her characters into conflict. They’re all just a little bit off in some way, you know that each one of them has their own internal conflict, as well as their conflicts that brew with the other characters. This really drives her writing forward. I found the same thing to be true in her previous book “The Vacationers”. She’s an author I’ll definitely keep following along.

I enjoyed getting to know the characters, even if I didn’t like some of them. I would have liked a lot more from Jane though, I feel like she was the one character I wanted to know more about, that I wanted to hear more from, but just didn’t.

Recommendation: This is like an 18+ book. Nothing overtly graphic, but truly a book that has no meaning for the younger generation. It centres around two married couples and their grown children.


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