The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson (2016)

Rating: 4 stars.17838528.jpg

Andie’s perfectly planned out summer gets turned upside down once a scandal erupts surrounding her father’s political career. What follows throughout the story is a tale a friendship, family, love, and discovering that best laid plans aren’t always what we need in life.

This was a book that I simply inhaled. 500+ pages and done within two days. I was utterly hypnotized by the book for several reasons. Firstly, this is a character driven novel, and the relationships between the characters really move it forward. The friendship circle involving Bri, Toby, Palmer and Andie I found fantastic. It’s what everyone aspires to have in high school and when you have those kinds of close knit bonds in your life, you can highly relate to it. Those girls had their own personalities, their own depths, and really evolved with each other.

Although I found the relationship between Andie and her father awkwardly written in the beginning, it changed into a really nice development of both their characters, how they begin to rekindle the relationship they used to have. I made me hopeful and happy.

Then there was the romance. I found this to be in part, really cheesy. I didn’t really buy the ‘I only do 3 week relationships’ line at all. Talk about an eyeroll. I did understand the relationship with Topher, but I adored how she and Clark needed more than one chance to see if they really clicked. That felt authentic. My issue with Clark, was that he seemed a little to socially well adjusted for someone who was home schooled (not that home schooled people can’t be socially well adjusted), because when you live on a farm far away from anyone for years, this point becomes a stretch. He seemed to have more awareness of some social situations than Andie did, which really didn’t make sense to me.

All in all, the story had so many of my favourite things: great characters, love, dogs, writing, reading, scavenger hunts, summer. It was hard not to love everything about this book, despite it being a little on the predictable side.

Recommendation: 12+ Some vague references to sex, but a really beautiful realistic fiction about relationships between people.


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