Timber Creek Station By Ali Lewis (2016)

Rating: 3 stars.26452844.jpg

Danny is 13 and lives on a cattle station (Timber Creek Station) miles away from Alice Springs, Australia. In this story we get an up close and personal look of the family, their life on the cattle station, the trials and tribulations of this life, as well as an eye opening view of the racism prevalent against the aboriginal people.

I was so excited about reading this book. The content looked fascinating, ripe with conflict, and about a lifestyle that I was curious about, but knew little of. The story itself was good, the author clearly had intimate knowledge of this kind of life, and the characters were relatively well developed.

I did take issue with the expository writing style. Tremendous issue. I damn near gave up a third of the way through, but since the book wasn’t that long, I barreled through. There were wide segments of text I found myself bypassing simply because I was bored. It was a huge case of telling me everything and showing me little. It’s too bad, because there was such potential with this piece.

Recommendation: The main character is a 13-year-old boy, but it’s not for younger readers. Some of the descriptions of the animal killing is unpleasant and should be read with a careful eye.


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