Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo (2016)

Rating: 4 Stars.

25937866.jpgRamie Clarke is a 10 year old with a plan to try and get her father. She believes she has to win the Little Miss Centra Florida Tire competition to get her picture in the paper so her dad will come home.

It was a pretty adorable book. I think I flew through this one in just a few hours. It deals well with serious issues concerning the kinds of conflicts that erupt from broken families.

I really enjoyed the setting. It was simple, and reflective of what was most important. 1975, there was no internet, and the only way you could get someone out of town to notice you was to get into the newspaper. A highly reflective concept. I’d have liked a little more grounding in the era itself.

The friendships that Raymie makes are beautiful. I would have liked a little more from those characters to try and understand them a little better, but they made great companions here. The lack of understanding of adult relationships is heart wrenching.  That all being said, I can see why some might find this book to be a little slow. Its not a fast paced high-action book and some parts do feel like they drag.

Recommendations: This is a junior/lower middle grade novel. It is very simple in its writing, and the story itself. A lovely quick read for a junior reader.



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