America, but Better: The Canada part Manifesto by Chris Cannon and Brian Calvert (2012)

Rating: 4 Stars15955322.jpg

I picked this book up, because I was in the mood for something light, and a change from my fictional narratives. I’ve also been an avid follower of the Canada Party on youtube, and they’re just great. It’s fun, and frivolous, and as a Canadian, it makes you feel a little bit smug.

It keeps things rather simplified, but that is appropriate for the purpose of the piece. It’s well written, and thoroughly enjoyable.

I’d have liked it to be a little bit longer. It was a bit too short and it just left me wanting so much more. There were some great ideas that were brought up, and it gave me quite a good chuckle.

Recommendations: This is an adult level certainly and requires a bit of intellectual understanding and appreciation for the political views brought forth. There are also some ideas brought up that wouldn’t be appropriate for younger readers.


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