Say You Will by Eric Walters (2015)

Rating: 3.5 Stars22856151.jpg

Sweet and awkward Samuel tries to navigate his way through the rules of high school to create the perfect promposal for a mystery girl.

This was definitely a book that sold me on its cover. With another recommendation from a student encouraging me to read it, it ended up on my summer reads list.

I am a fan of the writing of Eric Walters, as I’ve read maybe 10 of his books to date. They consistently flow beautifully, are occasionally quite
predictable, but his characters are all ones I have enjoyed. In particular, the characters within this book I especially enjoyed. I found Samuel endearing, with all of his quirks, and lack of understanding of the human emotive spectrum.  Ian was a unique kind of friend, and his parents were a cute contrast.

Although I could easily see the “mystery” of who was going to be the subject of Samuel’s promposal, I kept hoping that there would be a greater development of the relationship. This is the only place I found that the book fell a little short (as it was in fact, quite short).

Recommendation: A nice light read if you’re looking for a feel good different kind of realistic fiction. 12+.


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