The Inside of Out by Jenn Marie Thorne (2016)

Rating: 4 Stars.27155350.jpg

Daisy wants to be the ultimate supportive best friend to Hannah when she comes out as a lesbian right before junior year. Daisy quickly takes up the LGBTQIA cause and pleads to the school council to get rid of the ban on same sex dates at dances. One thing leads to another and the cause gets out of her control, and despite a cute reporter vying for her attention, her relationship with Hannah gets even more strained as people soon think that Daisy is also gay.

There are so many books out there on the “coming out” experience, but it’s nice to see a story written from a different perspective. It’s difficult to be on the outside, having no idea how to help and be the support to those LGBT friends, as there is a clear gap in understanding the struggles that one faces. This book makes a great effort at addressing this changing relationship and how to better understand how to be a better friend.

Daisy was adorable, and although I really didn’t love Hannah all that much, there were a few characters that really propelled the story forward.

My only issue with the story (and really, its stupid how little and dumb this detail is), is how the evolution of how Daisy and Hannah’s relationship changes when there’s a “new girl” in Hannah’s life near the beginning of the story. Yet, the story hints that this relationship began a few months earlier, so how did this was this only become an issue now? Regardless, irrelevant in overall enjoyment.

Recommendation: 13+ due to content. Great LGBT read.


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