The Dogs by Allan Stratton (2016)

4.2 Stars.25496559.jpg

Cameron Weaver and his mother having been moving from place to place trying to escape the path of his abusive father. They find themselves in a small town at a farm house with a mysterious past. Through research, ghostly interactions, Cameron’s desire to know what really happened decades ago brings him to the point of obsession.

This book was on the Red Maple Book list, but didn’t even hit my radar until it had won. The description never captivated me enough to want to read it. But, after its claim to fame, I’d sold it to a few kids in the library and the response was electric. Since then, I was determined to check it out this summer. I’m not surprised it took the win.

This author did a marvelous job with suspense. This psychological thriller kept me guessing from beginning to the end what the real story was. He made me question the sanity of every character in the story, threw me down twists and turns and it drove me to read it right from beginning to end within 24 hours. I couldn’t help myself.

The characters were well selected, the interactions thrived in conflict, and you kept hoping your main character wasn’t crazy. I certainly didn’t envy his move to this new farmhouse life.

Recommendation: This Middle Grade thriller is worth the read if you like the creepy.


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