Vicarious by Paula Stokes (2016)

4.3 Stars26114131.jpg

Living in a world where futuristic technology allows you to live vicariously through another’s recorded experiences, Winter is a recorder and a daredevil. We meet her as she lives comfortably with her older “brother” Gideon, who saved her and her sister Rose from a painful life as a human traffic victim. When she receives a recording showing her sister’s death, she is devastated, and looking to do anything to find her sister’s killer.

Ever since reading Girl Against the Universe, I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of this book, and I was again impressed with Paula Stokes.

Winter is a brilliant character. She’s believably damaged, but also very strong. Her relationship with men is complicated, but she never allows herself to be saved by others, she takes great care of herself. She’s just the kind of character I love to follow along with.

The story takes many twists and confusing turns, and although I had some guesses about what the result would be, the book surprised me in many ways, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I very much look forward to reading more from her in the future.

Recommendations: Its mature (references to sex trafficking), its dark and I loved it. I would never stock this in a middle school library, great high school piece, thriller, mystery, adventure with a slight extension of reality.


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