Replica by Lauren Oliver (2016)

Rating: 3.6 Stars28448287.jpg

I’ve been a pretty avid follower of Lauren Oliver for some time now, so when I’d read about this book, I was excited with the concept.

I toyed with the idea of reading one story, then reading the other, but I decided to read Lyra’s story and Gemma’s intermittently, pausing when the stories intersected. They really are two different tales from two different perspectives, so as hard to believe as it is, you can read it any way you want to.

I don’t know that this book lived up to the quality of her previous pieces in my opinion. I found Lyra’s perspective fascinating but I wanted more depth. I didn’t love Gemma as a character and I found her section of the book dragged a little despite all the information it provided. The book itself was captivating as I finished it quite quickly, but it didn’t leave me craving the next book as her other work has.

Recommendations: If you like an interesting sci fi quick read, this might be good for you to check out, especially considering the dual perspectives at play.


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