The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier (2014)

Rating: 3.2 stars.18405537.jpg

This book was handed to me by a colleague with very little instruction. I love getting books like those as they fully allow me to form my own opinions. There isn’t much I want to say about the content, other than it follows two orphaned Irish children in the 1800s find themselves working at a home with a mysterious presence.

Admittedly, this book took me months to get through. I found it really slow, and hard to get through to the end to see the result of the story. I had to take a long break from it. I might have just not been in the right mindset to read it the first time around but I did come back to it and finish it.

It was a push to the ending, but my colleague was right, it was definitely better at the end of the story. I only wish that the first half of the book held my attention better and proved to be more captivating than it was.

Recommendations: An interesting story. If you’re the patient type who doesn’t mind a slow-moving start, the ending is pretty satisfying.


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