Dreamology by Lucy Keating (2016)

Rating: 3.5 Stars23466626.jpg

Recommended to me by a trusted book seller, I was pretty excited about reading this book, and not to mention, I felt quite in love with the cover. It was a pretty cool concept, and I was up for a bit of romance.

Alice is a girl who throughout her years has been dreaming of the same boy. She finds herself on a multitude of dreamy adventures while she sleeps, only to find one day that when she walks into class on her first day of school – her dream boy is actually real. She then finds herself on a quest for answers.

Feelings were definitely present. The development of the characters and the relationships were quite adorable, and I was enthralled in their continual interactions with each other.

As I attempt to be vague as to not give anything away, my biggest issue was that I really wish there had been more explanations as to how it all ‘worked’. I felt that I needed to suspend reality too much by the end of the story thus making it more difficult for me to enjoy it.

Recommendation: If you’re up for a cute romance – this is totally innocent and safe. The concept is really creative, and if you’re willing to suspend reality, it’s a sweet read.


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