Spontaneous by Aaron Starmer (2016)

Rating: 1.5 stars23587115.jpg

Short Summary: Darkly ‘humorous’ tale of a mouthy teen in small town that faces the realities of her spontaneously combusting classmates, one by one.

I had a really difficult time with this one. For me, I adore dark comedy, so when I see a book that has a dark twist to it and is endorsed by John Green, I’m keen to check it out. The book started out and I was anticipating it being a solid 3.5 star book. The fun snarky attitude of the main character had me sold. She seemed authentic, as did the life that she lived in this small town that she was from.

Unfortunately, the book took a progressive downturn from there. The romance went from 0-60 in seconds. It was neither believable, nor was it swoon worthy. It was rather lame and uninspiring.

As the book rolled on, the main character became more and more irritating. Her darkly funny comments came out more and more like sick jokes that lost their luster. Her side-tracked stories and anecdotes telling us “more about so and so” were so viciously irrelevant. I found myself repeating over and over “seriously, why are you telling me about this… I don’t care” out loud.

But as far as the “spontaneous combustion” thing, I was at a complete loss. At first I thought it was intriguing, but when teenage kid after teenage kid kept exploding for what seemed no discernable reason it became utterly ridiculous. It became so over the top I’m honestly surprised I finished the book.

I kept holding on to the very end, hoping that there would be some semblance of explanation to help make up the stars it lost, to help give this story something concrete, something plausible. It really just failed to do exactly that.

Recommendation: Its definitely a mature read. Horrifically descriptive at times. Skip it.


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