The Romantics by Leah Konen (2016)

Rating: 3.5 Stars.29917071.jpg

Short Summary: Love tells the story of trying to restore a romantic teenager’s belief of love.

The fact that Love is the narrator gave the book a bit of a lighter, sweeter feel, and it’s nice to see that the voice had its own personality. It would have made an entirely different kind of story had Gael been the narrator. This choice of narrator provided a more omniscient kind of feel. Sometimes it’s nice going into a book knowing that it will inevitably end well.

The romance between the characters themselves was okay. I don’t think that comparing it to Rainbow Rowell is fair as this book doesn’t really provide the incredible emotional feelings attached with Rowell’s work. It’s fun, and the appreciation for love is there, but the little nuances that really make you feel for those characters is absent. I think that is a construction of the selection of narrator. It’s hard to create any more heart wrenching affection without making Love sound arrogant.

I think this whole concept of a “Rebound” is an important story to tell. So much of the time, especially teenagers, jump from one romance to the next without really recognizing the rebound signs.

I did appreciate the various footnotes and labelings of the different kinds of lovers within the book. Overall that was a good touch.

Recommendation: This was a quick read. If you’re in the mood for some light romance, this is a sweet one, very safe age level wise.


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