A Season of Daring Greatly by Ellen Emerson White (2017)

Rating: 4 stars30255973.jpg

Short Summary: Jill Cafferty becomes the first female to be drafted to the MLB as a pitcher right out of high school. She deals with the trials and tribulations of becoming a new recruit with the added pressures of making history for her gender.

What I liked: I really enjoyed Jill as a main character. She was well spoken, she was a great advocator for women in general without assuming that she spoke for all women. Her fears were real, her strength was real, I was totally enamoured with her story and the humour that she displayed in the face of adversity.

The book was very baseball focussed. I’m not a huge baseball fan myself – so even if you don’t love the game, this book is still worth picking up, as it does open your eyes to a world that I didn’t know that much about. It made me wish very much that this story was true.

I also loved that there was absolutely no romance. This book was about baseball, and how the main character survived throughout her beginnings in the MLB. It was really nice to see the book so strongly focus on that element as it really didn’t need the romance to feel complete.

What I didn’t: As the book was drawing to a close, the ending felt very aloof. I would have appreciated a stronger story arch, with a clear conclusion rather than something that felt a little open ended.

Recommendation: Baseball fans, this is your book. The in-depth descriptions of life on the road, the baseball game, the way of life would appeal to any sports fan. Its books like this that give the world hope that women will one day be given the opportunity to try.


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