Rating: 4.2 Stars.32309404.jpg

Short Summary: Gregor heads to Camp Save the World a special summer program for teenage activists who are looking to enhance their cause. When the prize for the demonstration of the greatest activism is announced, things slowly get out of control.

Having read “Kill the Boy Band”, I’ve been deeply intrigued with what Moldavsky would do next. I loved how over the top her first book was, and I was so hoping for more of that fantastic dark humour. I was not disappointed.

What I liked: I laughed. It’s hard to find books that really make me laugh out loud. There are books that make me smile, that make me happy, but I’ve got a unique humour that this book really grabs at that dark humourist in me.

I am a fan of creating and supporting teenage activists, but there is so much out there that gives us a deeply flawed understanding of the world. This book does an excellent job of mocking those fractured ideals. But she mocks them without destroying the reason why we have them in the first place. It’s a fine well executed balance.

I loved the cast of characters. They were perfect for enhancing the mocking tone and it was the actions of those around Gregor that really made the story sing.

What I didn’t: There are definitely believability issues within the novel, but it’s part of Moldavsky’s style. Some are easier to look past than others.

Gregor was an okay character and an appropriate lens in which to tell the story, but he had few redeeming qualities of his own that I would call likeable. In any other setting, I would not have enjoyed following him through a story.

Recommendation: It takes a special kind of person to thoroughly dig this kind of book. If you’re willing to suspend reality and enjoy the mockery, it’s hilarious.



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