More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera (2015)

Rating: 4.3 Stars26236898.jpg

This book has been on my hit list for a little while. I’ve discovered Adam Silvera recently enough, and with his upcoming book with Becky Albertelli, I decided to move this book up my “to reads” list.

I’m always intrigued at how Silvera manages to straddle the border of realistic fiction. Each time you read his books, you need to be able to suspend reality by only a little. His focus is more on the human condition, rather than the the extrapolation beyond the norm. In this case, Leteo is a company that wipes selected memories to help those who are undergoing trauma, move on. The book largely revolves around Aaron and the characters he interacts with, Leteo sits in the background for the majority of the first part of the book, leaving us to wonder, under what circumstances will lead our main character’s path intersect with this company? The result was not what I had expected, and was pleased by this.

Aaron experiences so much in what feels like a short amount of time, leaving your heart feeling wrenched. The LGBT+ plot line melded beautifully with the created setting, and brought up some real questions of how we deal with coming out and the reactions of those around us.

The beginning was a bit slow to start, and it took me a bit to get going, but the book is worth a read.


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