Rating System

One Star: Books I rarely finish. These books usually have either a writing style I can’t stand, too many plot holes for me to even find anything worth clinging to, or characters I find just wholly bland, cliche, or unreliable in any way.

Two Stars: These are also books I may not finish for much the same reasons as the “One star” book – only the difference will ultimately be that there will be some redeeming quality about it, either creativity, or that I simply see this as a book someone else might enjoy.

Three Stars: These books are generally alright books. I enjoy them, I read them to the end, and on the whole I find them on my list of “yeah, that was okay”. They don’t wow me, but I’m captivated enough to want to see how the story turns out.

Four Stars: These I consider to be quite good books. They are my go-tos for when someone asks me about a good book, I’ll go to my list of “Four Star”‘s. They suck me in, they keep me guessing, reading, wishing I could stop everything else, ignore real life and finish them. They give me that “phew” feeling when I’m done – like an emotional cathartic release.

Five Stars: Few books make it to this level for me. These five star ratings are reserved for the very best books I’ve ever read. They are books that leave me with a book hangover that lasts for days. Books I find it hard to come back from, as few ever seem to be as good as what these prove themselves to be. They are like the white whale of books. I take my five star ratings very seriously.